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The Kitecommunity is absolutely in agreement about this question, because the good reasons outweigh the considerations for a Split Kiteboard.

Board including accessories – pads, handle, footstraps and fins.

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We simply assume that you don’t live directly at the lake or sea, but have to transport your board to the spot – often by plane. Now at the latest you could get the idea that a split-kiteboard is just the right thing. Because this kiteboard can be divided in no time at all and stowed away in your normal luggage. And all this without any additional costs for sports luggage, e.g. if you are on your kite holiday with the plane.

Our RL Split-Kiteboard is an excellently constructed and very durable kiteboard with a super-stable split construction, which can be assembled effortlessly in 2-3 minutes and dismantled just as easily. Simply divide the kiteboard into two halves and put them in your travel bag – no more additional costs for sports equipment!

Board is not possible use with wake boots.


138 x 44, 147 x 44, 160 x 46 (door)


Blue blocks, Blue sky, Bond, Bone, Bruno black, Bruno white, Casino royal, Circle black, Circle blue, Circle green, Circle red, Circle yellow, Colors, Cubes blue, Cubes green, Cubes mint, Cubes orange, Cubes red, Door, Door classic, Electra, Favorit, Ferrari, Flames blue, Flames green, Flames orange, Flower dream, Flower power, Flowers, Flubber, Flubber green, Freeride, Frestyle, Garden, G point, Graffiti, Graffiti red, Haluz, Hawai orange, Hawai wood, Hnus blue, Homer, Cheguevara, Chiara, India, Inso, Johnies girl, Julian, Keep calm, Lichtag, Maor, Mauwi, Maxwave, Mondrian, My girl, Nathali, Nausa, Peter pants black, Peter pants white, Playful 2, Polsko, Rainbow, Rainbow 2, Redbull, Red one, Rlb, Rl bee, Rl classic black, Rl classic cyan, Rl classic green, Rl classic red, Rl classic wood, Rl classic yellow, Rl collection red, Skullred, Slam 69, Slaughter, Smouhy red, Stripes, Stripes black, Tarifa, Toxic, Tube, Turtle blue, Turtle girls, Turtles, Ubrus, Window, Wood, Wood 2, Wood 3, Wood 4, Zebra, Abstract 1, Abstract 2, Abstract 3, Abstract blue, Abstract green, Abstract purple, Acrobat blue, Acrobat green, Acrobat red, Acrobat yellow, Angry rabbit, Asw, Bad company, Bart, Bart 2, Borek green P, Borek pink P